Saturday, March 12, 2011


Okay...I wanted to let you know about what I thought about Naima's performance on Wednesday night. Although it was the riskiest performance of the night and the most exciting, it was AWIGHT!  I think the judges were right about her breathing. She just did not hit those really important notes that makes Rhianna's  "Umbrella" the song that it is. She really took a chance with a popular song. I did like her punk rock outfit, though because it was a different change of pace for her. I loved her injection of the reggae flavor and her dancing was ON POINT. The converse were a nice throwback! I think she is really good for American idol, but that's just my opinion.

Naima is to American Idol what Kelly Wearstler is to Interior Design, "A STAND OUT!" Kelly injects so much her own style and personality into her room designs. She is such an icon in both fashion and design. I was first introduced to her a few years ago when I think her old website was I almost fell out my chair. I must have spent 3 hours looking at every single image.

I immediately thought of Kelly's room designs when it came to referencing Naima's outfit of choice this week. It's got spunk, color, and throwback! Everything Kelly does is BIG! So is Naima's outfits. Neither one of them hold back at all.

I still think the best is yet to come out of Naima! GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I agree, KW does come to mind with that outfit! Love her work, the huge pink artwork is fabulous!

    xo Linda