Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Swan Thing!

I have been busy busy busy since last week. We are setting up this week for our semiannual dealer show going on this weekend. Which is basically a trade show to our store owners to view the new product. One of the new collections happens to be the slip cover look I posted a week ago. Well, I guess I am little spoiled because I have a different morning commute to our local convention center, where the show is being held. The scenery I get to pass is this beautiful lake called Lake Morton where all these swans hang out.

Images by Yours Truly
There were also a gathering of white pelicans, so beautiful! It brought back old memories, because as a child I used to have a thing for swans. I used to draw them all the time. They were always so fascinating and beautiful to me! Passing that lake every morning made me think of things that are soothing and cozy, here are some swan on the lake inspired rooms:

Decor Pad
 Look at the curve of the arm in this french settee. It reminded me of the same curve in the neck of the swans. And I especially love the billowing window drapes found on these windows this sophisticated traditional setting.
Decor Pad
 I think of soothing colors like the blue in this bedroom. The embroidered headboard reminds me of the textures seen in the feathered body of the swans. I love the white on white monochromatic tones from the fabric canopy drapes all the way down to the bedding.

 This is all-in-one for me! Billowing drapes, soothing blues, and the transparency of the windows that remind me of water that these beautiful creatures glide across.

This image of a Ralph Lauren ad page in the Vanity Fair magazine reminded me of the swans for some reason. I think it could be the accentuated neck of this gorgeous model and the way the dress drapes. The monotoned colors of this striking ad are very soothing also.
This has always been one of my favorites. The emphasis "swan" chair!  I luv-luv-luv the silhouette of this chair same as the swans, hence...

And just so you know...I am always thinking of food! When it comes to soothing and cozy there are two very important food groups that I think of; dessert and alcoholic beverages. Coconut cake is one of my favorite cakes. I only make it once or twice a year though! I have always wanted to try the white sangria. Anyone had one lately?

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