Friday, May 27, 2011

A Go To Place

Home Decorators is just one of those places you can go to to find any and everything. Its definitely a decorators dream. You can always find a great piece.

For instance...
This chest is on clearance for $180. Its a whopping $100 cheaper than what it first retailed for. Its a good size too at 36"H x 28"W x 16"D.It would make the perfect night stand and its a very trendy distressed turquoise. And I love the trendy Greek pattern molding.

This piece I love...

I still have not decided yet what I want for my dining room, whether its two side chest or two open bookshelves. But htis piece makes me want to go with open bookshelves. At 70"H x 31.75"W x 15"D this is a perfect fit for what I need. I also like the height of it because I am a very tall stallion of a woman at 5'-10.5"! This shelf would run me about $500 for two plus shipping.

Peacock feather rugs...Gorge-a-Must! You know its good when you make up your own words. I do not know which one I would do because they are both beauties. Its the perfect starting point for my master bedroom design. An 8x11 in this will run you a grand! Its 100% hand-tufted plush soft pile wool! Which color would you do?

So I feel like splurging......!


  1. A grand, huh? My thrifty self would have a very hard time parting with that for pretty much anything...but this absolute "gorg-a-must" rug could probably convince me! That amazing color and pattern could send me into raptures right now! I so hope you go with this for the MBR so I can live vicariously...(c: Happy Weekend!!!

  2. Love the rug! Both colors are so pretty it's hard to decided. Hmm.. the turquoise.