Thursday, March 24, 2011

Master Suite (What if...)

I have had this on my mind all day and could not wait to get home to put it down in black and white. So what if...I designed my master bedroom and bathroom around my kids birth stones? Whatcha think?

They are February's Amethyst (oldest son 8), March's Aqua (oldest daughter 12), September's Sapphire (youngest daughter 10), and November's Topaz (youngest son 16mths)! Jewel tones are trendy right now.

Here is a floor plan of my master suite:

So this gives you an idea of how my room lays out. The sky is the limit in here because I own nothing that is staying except my TV and my king mattress and foundations.

What made me think of this idea are my hubby and I's wedding rings. We personalized our wedding to the "T," which I will tell you about next month (April will be our 4 year anniversary). Instead of a diamond ring we decided to get our kid's birthstones in matching his and her rings. So if you do the math we only have three stones in our wedding rings, gotta add the baby! Diamonds are not my best friend, I know some of you may gasp at that, but I do not have to have a huge diamond. Not saying I do not like them, I think they are beautiful, but my kids birthstones just have more sentimental value then a diamond.

See here is our love story in a nut shell:

Star (me) and Sleepie (hubby) sittin in a tree,  K-I-SS-I-N-G, first came love, then came "chillens," then came marriage, then came our home, then came another "chillen!"

I know, so backwards, but to me it's honestly the modern day love story! You are probably wondering how does a Star and a Sleepie end up together. These are our nick names which mostly everyone knows us by, mine was birth given, his was acquired!

Back to the birth stones...when I see the color palette of the kids birthstones I think of a few different things. I see a cool or stormy sunset (sunset is where I am going with my color scheme for my house). I also see the bedroom blues I was trying to accomplish in my bedroom. But as I was going through my archives, I actually dug up this image:

I have this in my archives of images, so I have no reference for it (sorry). It reminds me of a certain something! Do you recognize it?

Yes a peacock feather, which is also trendy. I am not saying I am going to put peacock feathers all over my room, but I am inspired by the color palette:

So here is what I am thinking, I know I want to do a blue upholstered head board (just do not know which hue). Whatever I choose as the headboard color will become the paint color for the master bath. I want to add dark masculine dresser and night stands, but add the feminine touch with accents and accessories. Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about:


This is just stunning from the headboard to the wall treatment all the way down to the accent pillows.  And since momma luv da kidz this will make so much sense and have add  more sentimental value to our master suite.

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