Monday, May 16, 2011

No Green Thumb? No Problem!

I told my husband, "NO, I refuse to pay someone to do something I can do for a fraction of the price!" And I put my foot down and meant it! As much as I would love to garden, I just do not have the time and patience. No green thumb for me! I would love to have, but like my husband told me over and over, "you got to be realistic!" And guess what else he said?!! "If we wait on you it will never get done!" Mm-hm, he said it. Me being my stubborn self, would not give in.

So hubby decided to sabotage me (okay maybe I am over-exaggerating, but he don't have to know). One weekend, when it was just me and my girls out at one of our many basketball tourneys, he decided to attack the mulch! Ok, so he hired someone to clean the yard up a bit, you know, put some mulch down, trim some shrubs, and clean-up that stinking baby oak tree that had limbs going out from everywhere. My sweet husband thought he was doing something that would put a smile on my face when I arrived home on Sunday evening. I feel bad about now, but I gave him HELL! As soon as I turned the corner, all I could see was what looked like neon orange colored cheapy mulch. Ugh, I was HOT, oh know he did not!!!!!!

After trying living with ti for one week (I'm was more like two days) I said, "get somebody over here QUICK!" Hubby broke me down, I could not take it anymore. He actually approached our new neighbors Gardener that actually turned out to be our high school classmate. He came over one day, I told I wanted a little color, layers, and dimension. He drew up a plan and we said go for it! A couple days later I came home to a beautiful front yard makeover. It looks like a different house!
We had our magnolia tree removed because it was diseased. He said it looked like it had been for awhile. I was wondering why it never bloomed. We requested some palms to replace it.
I looove the way it transformed the view of the front entrance. It actually looks much bigger and it feels more open and therefore more welcoming. I plan to add a some pizazz some how. Just gotta do my research.

Everywhere you look is like discovering something new everyday. I can not wait until the shrubs reach full maturity, because that where the layering and dimension is going to come in.

I wish I could tell you what theses are, but I am not even going to front! Remember, no green problem! So this is what I told the Gardener; different color greens, red flowers (not bright red), spiky grass things, and some rocks. Is that technical enough for you?!! So what your are seeing are his interpretations of what I asked for. I could not be happier!

I also asked him to frame the sidewalk by adding landscaping to either side of the sidewalk. I am loving the presentation. Here is also a better view of my front door entrance.  Oh man, I am just giddy over it! Now we are able to cross one thing off the list.


  1. Wow! It looks great!!! Wonderful transformation!

  2. I guess you can now add, landscape professional to your resume!! M.

  3. What a difference......real curb appeal now!

  4. Oh *YE-AH*! It looks so fantastic now...if i passed it, i don't think it would click that it was the same house...totally amazing! It's okay if the husbands screw up once in a long as i benefit from it in the end! Ha! (c:

  5. Wow, your home looks gorgeous! What a difference, I love the palms!