Friday, May 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties with Blogger and My "Little Man!"

So now after this mishap with Blogger, I know I am addicted to blogging because I was pacing back and forth about why I can not get to my blog! Of course, I made it about me, but once I visited a couple other blogs, I felt better that it was not just me! Boo-hoo to Blogger. I am now in a love-hate relationship with it. One of my blogs got deleted, and I got  few things to share, but I am going to have to wait until Sunday, my girls have a basketball tourney we are getting ready for this weekend! But you gotta check out my little helper. Yes, I am starting him young...My baby!

He is 19mths old and his name is Da'Jon (Day-John)! We had a bit of a scare with him last night. He has been out of daycare all week with Tonsillitis, I did not find out until midweek when I took him to the doctor.

He stared out with fever Monday evening that just would never break after giving him Tylenol Monday and Tuesday. I made an appointment for him for Wednesday earlier this week, but that morning I took him to the emergency room with a fever of 103.9, even though his appointment was scheduled for 10:50 later that morning. He just was not acting like himself and he was so hot to the touch. He would only drink a little and not eat anything at all. I was scared! According to the ER doctor, I over reacted. I told him he is seven years younger than my last baby, so I am a little rusty. He just made me feel like I wasted my time. Nice right?!! :[

So come to find out later that morning he had Tonsillitis. Why the ER doctor did not catch it, I do not know! So middle finger is UP to him, but oh sooo... elegantly. So the doctor prescribed him a antibiotic. So Thursday he was fine and back to eating and acting like himself again. Well, that evening I gave him his dose of antibiotic, he had his bath-time, and he went right to sleep as normal. about 11:30pm, I noticed him tossing and turning and whining a bit. He kept it up about 15-20 min, but what I realized was that he was having spasms and not tossing and turning. He would twitch by shrugging his shoulders up to his ears, swiftly bringing his knees up to his just, and arching his back and flailing his left arm back all in one vulgar swift movement. He kept doing this every 30sec to a minute and he did this all night. We did not sleep, but he was really trying to sleep . Oh my gosh it was heartbreaking and scary. :(

My husband and I actually remembered going through this with my oldest daughter at about the same age. She actually ended up suffering from a few seizures up until she was six when she grew out of it. Well, I decided (especially after my earlier ER experience) to wait until this morning to take him back to the doctor. Being that he was fine up until after he had that last dose of medicine, we suspected it had something to do with that, so I did not give him his morning dose. He did keep up this spell until way after he was well awake, but I noticed after he started playing he stopped.  Well, I had called his doctor and we had an appointment for later this morning. So since we were so tired from the night before we took a mid-morning nap. He stared once again. Ugh it was so depressing. :{

We went to the doctor and he asked a million questions, of course, and he has referred him to a neurologist. By the time we did get to the doctor's office the spasms had stopped again, so he did not actually witness it. He did say if it happens again to go straight to the emergency room. When it comes to to antibiotic, he said it had nothing to do with it so continue it. I still have my reservations about it, so I am going to hold off for today! I know, I know, but what do I do?

He has been doing fine so far today and we have not had another episode even though we have been napping all afternoon and into the evening. I have been watching him like a hawk. I do not know how we will sleep tonight, but God willing, it will be a restful night for me and my little man!

He has been doing just fine. We go to the neurologist on June 2nd. I still have not given him the antibiotic again. Thank you for all your sweet comments!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll this morning. I love your style and really think my readers will too! Have a great week! M.

  2. I think you are right about the antibiotics. A friend of mine had the same thing happen but the spasms were in her neck. She was taking an antibiotic for something I don't remember but the doctor just made her stop taking it and prescribed something else. I would get a second opinion about it. God bless little man!

  3. Hope your little boy is feeling better and you are getting more sleep!! You've got one gorgeous little man there...xx