Sunday, July 1, 2012

$5 Shower Favors That Double As Centerpieces

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with my sis on a fun project for one of our dear family members. We showered Baby Bryce with love with a baby shower suitable for any baby boy.

We love these kind of "hostess with the mostess" thangs! And we were very smart about everything we did because we both had great ideas we wanted to try. It took us week to plan and execute. The one thing we were most proud of were the $5 favor/centerpieces

Here is what you need:
  1. Mint doubled filled Oreos
  2. White chocolate melts
  3. Blue food coloring
  4. Skewers
  5. Clear plastic favor bags
  6. wrapping paper
  7. Ribbon
  8. 4x4 styrofoam square
  9. Wooden animal toy
  10. Avery labels
  11. Hot glue gun
  12. Tape
We were smart because we tested everything first. After a FEW trials we got it right! And we got most everything we needed from the Dollar Tree. So everything was $1 except for the oreos and chocolate and what ever I had at home like the food coloring, labels, and glue gun.

We started out by making the white chocolate covered Oreos on a stick. You really have to melt the chocolate right. I would recommend a double boiler if you have one. I didn't so we had to FRAP something up. First trial we burnt the chocolate and could not get the consistency right. We also started out with the oreos on the skewers first, but ended being a bad idea, because the chocolate only warmed the creme filling so they slid right off. So we went with the good old the five finger tool! That's sis "stylin & profilin" below!

We also found that the mint Oreos held up much better than the regular. They would just crumble in the heat. Once you get a tray done you stick it in the fridge for 10 min to harden. Even though they were a little messy we ended up with one good side, but I loved the homemade look of them.

Once they came out the fridge the chocolate is good and hard again. Now we did all this two days prior to to the event. We bagged, tied, and labeled them. Now the labels I made with publisher and cut them in half to get a front and back.

We wrapped the styrofoam with the wrapping paper and glued the turtle to the top and stuck the skewers into the foam. It was perfect! We made a total of 40 skewers with three per table centerpiece.

The decor was done in aqua and brown. We found a great facility that is actually a pool house for an apartment complex. So the setting was really nice to start.

My sister did a beautiful  job on the brunch buffet while I tackled the homemade cupcakes.

Everything came together beautifully and I can NOT wait for the next one. We had lots of fun showering Baby Bryce with our love.


  1. Everything looked so nice!!! I really love the favors too. Great job ; )

  2. You and your sister did a great job. Everything looks so nice!