Thursday, January 3, 2013

About My Fireplace

plank detail in the inset
I made use of a not so useful wall in what I call my sitting room by having a fireplace built.  Technically, it not a working fireplace, but it has really helped to defines this space. Its a focal point as soon as you walk into the front door of the house. There are many things I could have done, but the fireplace was the way to go.

Right now I am debating painting the interior black. I have thought about chalkboard paint.  I this that will be really fun and whimsical. I will be filling the inset with flame-less remote control candles. This is of course for safety purposes.

Its made out of real wood and painted. The hearth is twelve inches high and sixteen inches deep. My existing baseboards will be finished on both the sides and the front once we find the match. The overall height is forty-two inches tall, this is why its so visually breathtaking because its taking up so much volume in the room.

unfinished baseboard
detail of dimensions
The mantel is twelve inches deep and sixty-two niches wide. What I love most about the fireplace is the detail which is what I fell in love with about my inspiration.

This fireplace, although not working was more for looks as far as function. Its a more modern looking fireplace, but it can fit into any style! Thank you Danny, for doing such a  beautiful job!


  1. Great details on that faux fireplace lady! Happy to have stumbled across thee via the Pink Eggshell this morning. Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.