Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have now got the hang of Instagram (@startollie) and now fiddling around with Twitter (@SisSophisticate). Thank you to my new followers...why didn't I start a long time ago?

Let me share with you my "Insta-weekend!"

 The weekend kicked off  with putting these beautiful turned legs on my new lovely!

The armoire is a craigslist purchase for $50 and the end table came as a pair for $100.

This caused us to go into full on rearranging mode that turned out to be a breath of fresh air on Saturday morning.

WARNING: Objects in picture appear smaller than what they really are. 
Believe or not my oldest is 13 and all of 6' tall! the other s are 12, 10, and 3. 
I have to keep birth certificates a s proof  in my back pocket!

The kids started basketball season and we thru the little on in for picture day! 

Sunday went as usual with my morning routine:
10 newspapers...for coupon inserts
2 to 3 cups of tea with honey
and 2 slices of toast!

We went out with a bang by floating this ikea goody!