Friday, January 18, 2013

Sophisticated Pom Poms

The great thing about pom-poms is that  you immediately associate it with youthfulness and exuberance. That's why it fits perfectly in to a girls bedroom design. But what about using it elsewhere?

I mean are poms the first thing on your list? It can be hard to incorporate it "successfully" because it can go juvenile, in a not so attractive way, real fast.

Check out these "successful" applications to incorporate pom-poms into your decor:

 A multicolored pom-pom curtain tie-back?!! This is smart! Its a great SMALL (that's the key here) detail as well, but almost camouflaged in with the floral drape design. This is still very youthful, but also sophisticated. This is an idea yo can use in a living, dining or bedroom application.

 These large poms on this throw brings the exuberance into this room fo-sho! Makes me want one...NO need one. This is sophisticated because although large in scale its ONE muted mustard tone against a simple a settle backdrop.


A bouquet of pom-poms. How fun are these? I just love these necklaces! Again ONE muted tone. No multicolor here! I could see these as curtain tie-backs a well.

And ah! Tulle pom pom garland is a winner. Can you see these as the perfect Christmas garland? In this application I would go with pale tones like a mint green, or a really soft blush.

Hands down the most sophisticated pom-pom of them all...the emphasis juju hat! Large in scale and instant way to add texture in a room. This would be my route! So fun  but any color would work here. I especially like the jewel tones.

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