Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Biggy...just more to do!

Have you ever started one project and it kind of runs into another project and then another, and then your well planned lest of priorities starts getting shuffled around...YEP, that where I am! No matter what "best liad plans..." right, never fails!

I am, excitedly but anxiously, in the midst of sourcing for my laundry room project, but instead of buying new cabinets for storage, like I planned, I'm gonna try to save me a buck by using ones I have in my kitchen already! You see I plan on creating some space in my kitchen for open shelving.  So what does that mean...well, that means I am going to be doing some kitchen updates as well as my laundry.
If you visit my board for kitchens on pinterest, one thing is pretty clear.. I love white kitchens and I love open shelving. My thing is what finish I want to have; stainless, white, or  rustic.

Things I do know is I want white cabinets and white backslash. That is just a classic look, and I want my kitchen to be what I am calling my "neutral zone" because its going to serve as a breather space with no taupe walls. Just light and bright!

I think I am however favoring the rustic look! Especially since I am doing a white kitchen. I do however want to still pull off a "rustic-modern" feel without going too cozy cottage!

So here's the plan:

No biggy, just more to do!

PHASE-1 (for right now)
  1. remove and refurbish the cabinets on either side of the window
  2. paint cabinets and walls
  3. replace counter-tops (or refinish, more on that to come)
PHASE-2 (for the future)
  1. install floating shelving on either side of the window
  2. install back-splash
  3. replace (finally) replace the window treatment
PHASE-3 (for the distant future) 
  1. enlarge island size
  2. install pot rack 
  3. replace lighting 
Y'all have to know how easy that is, so I am just going to keep this simple for the kitchen! Okay, so it's not so simple after-all so I broke it into phases to simplify it.  My dead set finish date is end of January for the laundry and February for phase one of kitchen updates. 

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