Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About My Sister-do!

Everywhere I go , no matter who I see, people always say I look like Jill Scot because of my Afro! Trust me,
I love it because she is one of my favorite Neo-Soul Artists! What so you think?

She is pretty, right! I always refer to my Afro as my "Sister-Do!" Anytime anyone asks me how far I am going to let it grow out I always tell them that I am trying to get to where Erikah Badu is! But only she could pull this off! I love it, but I could not carry it. You go girl..she is one of my favorites too!

Check out Yaya's sister-do from ANTM:

And how about a Vintage look sister-do:

Well, I said all that to tell you about a project that I am looking into. I came across this beautiful Afrocentric black and white button art by Anouchka Potdevin, while looking for Afro wall art on the web.

I found it on Apartment Therapy, a article of the art of recycled junk.  Here this guy found a great way to recylce buttons. Very creative huh!

I found out that he even has a shop on Etsy. Check it out here. Really nice art and I love that it is black and white because it makes it trendy.

Well, regarding that project I mentioned earlier I wan to approximate this some how in my house. I have not delved into details as to how, but I  know I need to use recycled materials! This will stand as homage to my sister-do!

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