Monday, February 11, 2013

Around the house...

Some things have been happening around the house lately, so I thought I would share.

I have a huge wall in my entry when you first come in to the left. I knew I wanted to have a long console.  I never really saw anything that I had to have.

So with that comes my latest furniture piece that I had made by the same person that did my fireplace:

Rustic-modern glam is what I am striving to achieve in my home. This console would definitely be defined as industrial, but it falls under the "rustic-modern" category for me.

I knew that I needed something simple, but not too modern to where its cold in feeling. So I decided on the reclaimed wood look.

The overall piece is 84" long by 30" high by 16" deep.  The top is knotty pine where he runded the edges and used a shoe polish technique to achieve the finished stain. The base is square shaped 1" piping painted black. Pieces like this...can cost as much as $699 retail, but I paid $225 for labor and materials.

I am really satisfied withe finished product! And it has given life to my once empty entry. Now the art is not new, but its new to my home. A good friend  knew how much I loved it and gave it too me. Thank you Tiffany! It is a 60" square abstract canvas painting.


The floating expidit storage shelf has actually been up for a few weeks now, and sadly before it went up it had been sitting in the original box on my floor for a few months before that. But I am happy its finally in its place.

Now as you can see these surfaces are still very empty. I will be adding baskets in here for storage and hanging my black and white family portraits above, once we take them.

Also I finally got the baseboards completed around the fireplace, looks so much better.The next step will be the black chalkboard paint and battery candles for the firebox.

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