Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013

Bye-Bye 2012!

I am just so thankful for such a wonderful year that brought me self declaration. I learned so much more about myself this past year. What I want as a Wife, Mother, professional, and more importantly or JUST ME.

I had gotten soo… busy this year, but I was busy doing things that were not FOR ME. For instance my job ate up so much of my time and for the first time in my career I found myself saying “what the hell am I doing?” I had put so much of myself into my job over the last couple of years because I thought it was going to eventually lead to a promotion of sorts. But I was neglecting my family, my home, and myself. This year I learned how unhappy I was because suddenly all my hard work had gone to waste and I was going no where real fast. I thank GOD for that even though it meant a lot of sleepless nights, and a place of depression that I had never known before.

So because of this I have declared not to poor all my energy into my job the way and to poor that energy into my home. I know how talented I am and I do not need my job to prove that for me anymore!

I know I do have to apologize for my lack of blogs this year. I am a busy woman who works a full time job with four growing children and that was one thing I had to let go, only temporarily though! But I know as far as a career I need to establish myself as more as a designer, and my blog will help me do that. DESIGN IS WHAT I WANT TO DO!

Tonight I plan to ring in the new year with my family and my sister's family. Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for supporting my blog!

2012 Year End Review:

In January...I created a design for my laundry room
Have not gotten very far on this though, but its priority on my list.

In February...we finally started demo for our concrete painted floors
Although it took awhile it was well worth it and we saved a lot of money.

In May...we hired professional to complete the job!

In June...we have concrete painted floors and I told you how I really love them!
So much that we have decided to go ahead and paint the bedrooms as well!

In sister and I created $5 shower favors that doubled as centerpieces.

 In twin sister and I celebrated our 30+3 Birthday.

In September...I made not so pretty cake pops for my daughter's 12th birthday!
I tell you about in twelve photos!

In October...I completed a design for my job!
I tell you about in twelve photos!

In November...I got a new rug!
I tell you about in twelve photos!

In December...I got surrounded by my new fireplace.
I do plan to show more detailed pics.

In December...I also just purchased my ottoman.

Most recently...I created a nice little reading nook in my family room which 
I shared on my instagram!

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